The jeans are made for teenager starting in the 1965s. Historical Brand companies are Levi's, Lee, and wrangler. but other brand companies are also most popular.
The Lucky Brand jeans company is also in it.
Lucky brand jeans is a designer denim company found in vernon, california and united state in 1990s. Gene montesano and Barry Perlman.

jeans is so old teenager wear but slowly slowly brand company improve their quality. and now all people use jeans, In America people more than $14 million spend on jeans 2004. and you are seeing OBAMA are looking with blue jeans and white shoe.

Black jeans is also looking cool for mens wear. you can use on black jeans kurta and smoking kameez. but this is only for marriage event and birthday. and night party. but if you use it just jeans and t shirts then you can Go on date......

All Black Jeans are good as you see well. all jeans collection 2010 are too good of Lucky brand jeans company.
most popular color are is Black.

The blue denim fabric of jeans. In Pakistan people say blue jeans color King color. because this color is matched every color. and people not feel problem and people can use it more and more days.

in India, Pakistan, Italy, and United State are use jeans color 35% dark slate gray color.
other country are use is but minimum But not Bad color this is looking rock color in U.k and U.S.A. In This color mostly people use black T shirt.

You see most popular jeans of Lucky Brand jeans Company Product. jeans is so good like teenager Boys and Girls. In World mostly people use Jeans in 2004 50% people are use. and 30% are use dress pent.


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