Chen one is one of the out class brand in Pakistan.
It is the brand introduced by CHANAB GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Faisalabad Pakistan.
Chenab Group itself is one of the popular textile industries in Pakistan. Chenab introduced CHEN ONE decade’s ago. The 1st outlet of CHEN ONE was opened in 1997 in Lahore.
Now a day CHANONE becomes one of the famous brands in Pakistan. Its every new article published in many famous magazines. Moreover its every new article also exhibits in many exhibitions in Pakistan and other countries as well. It is one of the popular items in DUBAI SHOPPING FESTIVAL.
It is particularly famous for its light color and extreme good quality.
Now I am showing you new summer and spring collection of men and women casual ware.

Yellow color looks really fibulas especially in summer. Some other Brands like STONAGE are giving new trend to summer and they are using combination of black & White but in spite of this Chen one is going with such light color dresses.

In this season of summer every famous brand like STONAGE, RIVERSTON, GUCCI, OXFORD and others are busy in making lining T-shirts in light green , light blue and light pink colors as it look nice to wear this type of T-Shirts in summer.

-->For every fashion warring industry style is every thing because style really meters.
Although many other brand are also doing there work in different colors.
STONAGE used Black and White color; OXFORD used some combination of dark blue with black and pink but CHENONE is different and it does different as it introduced dress shirt with casual look and such a nice upper with half sleeve.

Girls wearing a frock in light green color with a little embroidery look gorgeous.
And it’s the CHANONE who make it possible

The combination of black with yellow gives some type of funky look.

Girls look pretty in black. Almost every famous brand in all over the world is working on black color. Black color makes contrast with almost every color. It suits mostly the person with white complexion.

When it has to be fashion or when it has to be quality the only name CHENONE is enough for our requirement.

Well this was all new of CHENONE this season; these are some exclusive articles of CHANONE which I have SHOWN to you.
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