In Pakistan a cultural event is being celebrated in Sindh province. Sindh province is being recognized in concert of the traditional civilizations filled with cultural attribute, customs and events. Sindh Government has organized an excellent event to recall ethnic values of Sindh and specially Sindhi Dresses. Last week they need organized a fashion show for the soothing exhibition of ancient dress styles of Sindh culture. Event was being

 command in Hindu sports meeting, Karachi. Lets have a glance on Sindh competition Fashion Show-14. All leading fashion styleers of Pakistan participated and showcased their ethnic styles exhibiting Sindhi ethnic and trendy dress design philosophy. Most of designers have bestowed their styles with the merger of Sindhi Ajrak—a trademark of Sindhi customs—to please and pay relevancy their ancient civilization. To please the event and pay respect, a musical was additionally organized. however the foremost attention-grabbing factor was the colourful dress planning history of Sindh culture that designers have showcased through their creative add the form of ethnic Sindhi dresses. Designers have placed their best ethnic and trendy styles exhibiting Sindh culture through the lens of fashion and dress planning. Few designers have Pakistan bestowed ethnic Sindhi bridal and groom dresses. the complete competition and show was fantastic and filled with colours, joy and civility to Sindh culture and traditions. Let’s have a better complete look into the highlights of Sindh competition Fashion Show 2014 command altogether over the Sindh of Pakistan.


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