Dark chocolates area unit thought of because the better of each worlds. The toothsome flavor is simply an extra bonus over its varied health advantages. they're made up of cocoa seed, that is one in all the simplest sources of antioxidants on the earth. they're not solely smart for your style buds, however conjointly for your overall health. It may be employed in smoothies, cakes, desserts otherwise you will merely munch on a bar of bittersweet chocolate for crude pleasure.

Here area unit ten a lot of reasons to relinquish in to your temptation and grab a bar of bittersweet chocolate.
1. wealthy in Nutrients

2. smart for Heart

3. smart for Brain

4. melt off

5. blood glucose

6. Antioxidants

7. throughout physiological state

8. Stress Buster

9. Protection against Sun

10. Higher Intelligence


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