Are you frequently troubled by that tiny piece of torn skin around your nails waiting to snag on your wear or cause large pain whereas running your fingers through your hair? This annoying downside is named a cutis.

Hangnails ar primarily little bits of skin that suspend off the cuticles of your nails. they're sometimes caused by waterlessness (especially throughout the winter months), exposure to harsh chemicals (like those gift in detergents), and dangerous manicures. folks that bite their nails or have nutritionary deficiencies ar a lot of liable to this downside.


The best thanks to forestall similarly as treat hangnails is to stay your nail beds moisturized that the skin around your nails remains supple. Honey works as an excellent moisturizing agent.Being a natural matter, it attracts and retains wet.

Plus, it's medicament and anti inflammatory properties that fight infection and cut back inflammation. Manuka honey, specifically, has potent antimicrobial properties.

Dab raw or manuka honey on the affected space and leave it on for many hours to melt the cuticles. do that daily till you get obviate the matter.

You can conjointly apply honey on an everyday basis to stop hangnails.


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