Several articles in this season, we have said that pale skin is "fashionable”. Gone are these antique bronzed makeups where color effect produced by the sun was the great protagonist. Today , it appears that the naturalness and simplicity is more present than ever in the makeup. If you have fair skin and want to look fresh, healthy and, of course, very glamorous, then we leave you with a few tricks that will help you make the most of. Pay attention, these simple tips and have a very good effect: First you must consider that the foundation you employ is the same shade as your skin. Thus, if you have fair skin, do not try to darken a tan looking effect. Now we need to create a natural effect, of course, with a fairly clear skin. The focus will be the eyes, mouth and cheeks. Now if you have a dark hair color, it will favor the high contrast of tones. In this type of makeup should pay close attention to the balance. Remember that if you want to highlight your eyes, mouth, shall pass to the background, using this, pale pinks and glitter . However, if we emphasize the lips, the eyes will use natural colors like soft brown and a little mascara.


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