Lifetime has been said that the bride is the real star of a wedding as well as she is the only one who can wear white . And what about the groom? Well until now was relegated to the background and few they looked at how they were dressed. But this is not to the liking of many men who also seek to be protagonists and dress in this color.

For them there is also a variety of costumes white boyfriend, and not only that, but with notable differences between them. Various types of material, design and ornament from which you can find your ideal suit. In the cover picture you can see 3 different models, among which we highlight the splash of color that gives a red tie or embroidery jacket of one of them. But you can still keep seeing many more.

Some of these costumes are complemented jacket, usually white. But if you prefer to break the monotony and give your image a touch of color can with colorful vests. In this sense you can choose from pastel shades like baby blue or light pink, or decanter others live like fuchsia or orange.

As said before you can choose from different patterns and designs, garment jacket being provided to more variations. On these lines you can see 3 completely different models such as a fully equipped, modern jacket lapels or without franc-style coat . In other pictures I've selected you can also see other pieces as you see adorned with silver studs around the edge or another that has the flaps in black by contrast.


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