I know, every time we endeavor to advance more Christmas but the truth is that when it comes to party looks to one and you want to start thinking about tuxedos, bow ties, slim suits and everything that has to do with the usual elegance these dates.

Today we look at what Bershka has prepared for us, party looks for the casuals and also the finest, from tuxedos and bow ties to leather jackets with more rock feel. Let's see if the wise adage that variety is the spice is met.

Party Look
 And Christmas came to Bershka ... look refined or casual look? Best stick with the two

The imperfect gentleman
The most refined and classical part is given appointment Bershka betting tailored suits but with a slight halo of modernity, within the limits of this type look required, especially in footwear, is it time to rescue the creepers?

Double Color Coat
Bowties modern, colorful and fun come together with some American and games textures and colors that balance in the weak string of good taste? bicolor American? No, thank you. However, other more traditional options are positioned as sure hit for those looking for a party look without risking too much.

Will more versatile and casual or more refined Looks? Which of the two styles bets for the holidays?

The rocker and casual touch
If you're a rebel because the world has made ​​you well probably not see in a tuxedo your best choice for the holidays but you can find it in some skinny (eye, returning to break) a leather jacket with a nod to the padding, or sweaters in black but with a speck of modernity playing with overlays. Jersey and tie?? Why not.


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