Today, instead of making a Decalogue of good clothing, I will do exactly the opposite, a Decalogue of what you should never wear a dress Decalogue evil. All of course from my point of view.

1 - As much as designers insist now, men do not carry bag. Men, as I explained in the post "Men VS Women" from my blog not have to carry so many fashion the street, and although it, for that we have pockets in the pants and the American, things they do not on the slopes. Or not usually, at least. No reload, the packages are very ugly.

2 - Say NO to sandals. Of course, call us or Rebus Romulus and live in Roman times. Then yes. If we spend too much heat in the feet in summer, that's what invented sandals or water, milk. Let's try that androgyny not eat us, please.

3 - The white suit’s leave for costume parties Italian mafias. And if you may not for that, the better. And I understand we, I mean American or white, or white pants, that is fine well combined. I'm talking about both tried together form a suit. No, no and no.

4 - Purple shirts, orange or black i mean. I refuse to accept them. And, if brilli-brilli, what I will tell you. Okay that Black is more widespread, but I still seem a tacky that you.

5 - A pants have to put him in the low 99% of cases, and has all the logic in the world. The shops sell them with a bass that can serve any tall person, and it is understood that if lower, will insert. There is nothing uglier than a pair of pants with low wrinkled. if you are one short tad better. Although it already tastes.

6 - The short sleeves, the fire directly. And I refuse to continue talking about them.

7 - The Americans have, or three, or two buttons, but does not mean that everyone buckle up. In the three-button, it says that, from top to bottom, are snapped: the first, sometimes (I personally do not like), the second and the third ever, ever. And in the American two-button provided above only. The buttons only unzip to sit, and under no circumstances remove one American until you get home again.

8 - Aggregating tie and scarf is very '90s, looks dated and cheesy. Check more imagination and match colors.

9 - Let us flee from the "marquitis". Not every brand is nice, and all of Zara's ugly. And of course, that of bringing very big brand to make it look is very rich again. We must assume that our base is discretion.

10 - And finally, a phrase that I read whenever I have ready be yourself! Bullshit. No, what I mean is that you may be assured comfortable with what you bear, because if not, you broadcast that insecurity, and that, nor is stylish, and is elegant.


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