Here we have exciting news and story of a Pakistani waiter who is going to be Millionaire in night. London (News Desk) of England's court of 17 million dollars (about 17 million Pakistani rupees) lottery winning restaurant manager ordered that the prize money half restaurant waiter to give the waiter ticket suggested was. York City manager and waiter at a Turkish restaurant kapadukya work. A waiter victory auzkan dreamed that he presents a gift to your manager notes manager, after which he agreed that the nearby store and bought a lottery ticket because he was sure that his dream would sachs and they surely will be rewarded. Tickets bought at the insistence of the manager and the waiter if the draw came out really their reward of $ 17 million. But the prize has changed out the intention of the manager and the waiter refused to do anything. Waiters court judge ruled that since a complaint to the manager insisted three hours to buy a ticket from prmayl and join them together, it appears that they were buying tickets for both the award and half and half should. Build your dream waiter in eight and a half million dollars has been found.


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