Friend!! does one recognize javariya once more got marry with Saud at the TV show of UJP a couple of days ago? wonderful and astounded news, hmmmm…

Host of this reality show was Shaista that gave a far fantastic performance and deal this wedding event along with her nice fully fledged. plenty of celebrities attended this perform and created this show abundant spectacular and imposing for viewers and public. each of grooms and bridal’s relations conjointly gift during this program.

That wedding was very trying like original wedding event. “BHAGGi” was conjointly gift for Javariya “Rukhsti”. during this wedding program, javariya wept far more like her original Barat day.

Javariya was trying abundant tremendous in her red and gray color bridal outfit whereas Saud was conjointly trying thus attractive in black and imbecile sherwani very. each of were abundant happy and looking out additional mind-blowing on your Barat perform that was persisted the UJP program…

Subject matter: javeria and Saud barat on ujp
Javariya dress: Red and gray
Saud dress: Black and imbecile sherwani
Held: At the UJP program


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