Cracked heels will become not simply a tangle of health however conjointly a tangle of aesthetics, particularly in summer after you wear sandals or slippers. These cracks area unit sometimes terribly painful and uncomfortable to measure with thus we've an excellent diy healing heel crack salve for you. This formula can lead to 1/2 cup of healing cream.


1.For the bottom mix:

  • eleven g Liquid Lanolin;
  • twenty two g macadamia tree Nut Oil;
  • vi g Cocoa Butter;
  • ten g Emu Oil;
  • vi g Coconut Oil;
  • nine g Shea Butter;
  • eleven g Castor Oil;
  • forty g Beeswax.
  • five g antioxidant Oil;

2. For the second addition:

  • five drops Oregano Essential Oil;
  • ten drops Palmarosa Essential Oil;
  • ten drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil;
  • twenty drops Tea Tree Essential Oil;
  • thirty drops Lavender oil.

Directions: live all the ingredients into a glass cup. place the cup into cooked water wherever everything ought to soften associated merge into an oil. once the composition is omogen, introduce the ingredients from the second addition list. Once all the ingredients area unit fully homogenized, place the cream into a clean jar and seal it. The healing heel crack salve is used inside three months and keep in mind to stay it out of direct light-weight and warmth.


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