Fawad Khan the super talent and a heart throb is thus open regarding his weaknesses. The actor overtly declared of his weakness that he's not an honest dancer. Interestingly, the actor showed his interest to find out dance. Fawad same “I am considering hiring a dance tutor to assist ME live through my 2 left feet. It’s not one thing that produces ME feel insecure regarding my future. I take into account that each actor has his or her own weak points and robust points.” When asked regarding Badar Khalil opinion relating to Fawad Khan, Fawad same that Badar Khalil is senior to ME and that i respect her she should have detected one thing wrong and believed that. If she had detected one thing regarding ME she may discuss that overtly with ME instead going public. I want if she would have mentioned all that with ME instead of declare them to the general public.


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