1- lovely Reception
•After arriving from work, school, travel, or no matter has separated you,begin with an honest salutation.
•Meet him with a cheerful face.
•Beautify and fragrance yourself.
•Start with excellent news and delay any unhealthy news till he has fresh.
•Receive him with dotty and craving sentences.
•Make arduous efforts for excellence of the food & having it prepared on time.

2- Beautify and Soften the Voice
For your husband solely, it shouldn’t be employed in front of non-mahram men (men United Nations agency will marry you if you were unmarried).

3- Smelling smart and Physical change of state
•Taking excellent care of your body and fitness.
•Put on nice and engaging garments and perfumes to please your husband.
•Bath frequently and, when the monthly amount, take away any blood traces or unhealthy smells.
•Avoid that your husband observes you in dirty garments or rough form.
•Avoid prohibited kinds of ornamentation, e.g. tatoo.
•Use the categories of perfumes, colors, and garments that the husband likes.
•Change hairdo, perfumes, etc. from time to time.
•However with these items you ought to avoid immoderation and, of course,only act intrinsically ahead of mahrem men and girls.

4- Intercourse
•Hasten for intercourse once your husband feels compulsion for it.
•Exchange dotty phrases along with your husband.
•Leave your husband to completely satisfy his want.
•Choose appropriate times and smart occasions for exciting your husband,and encouraging him to try to to intercourse, e.g. when arriving from a travel, weekends, etc.

5- Satisfaction With What Supreme Being Ta’ala has assigned
•You shouldn’t be depressed as a result of your husband is poor or works during a easy job.
•You ought to explore poor, sick, and incapacitated individuals and keep in mind Supreme Being Ta’ala for all that was given to you.
•You ought to keep in mind that real wealth lies in Iman and righteousness.

6- Indifference to Worldly Things
•You shouldn't take into account this world as your hope and interest.
•You shouldn't raise your husband for several unneeded things.
•Asceticism doesn't mean to not get pleasure from what's smart and permissible(Halal), however it implies that one ought to expect to the hereafter and utilize no matter Supreme Being Ta’ala gave them to attain paradise (Jannah) moderately.
•Encourage your husband to scale back expenses and save cash so as to administer charity and feed poor and indigent individuals.

7- Appreciation
•By the old saying of the Prophet(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam), the bulk of individuals in hell were ladies as a result of they were ungrateful and deny the nice done to them.
•The results of being grateful is that your husband can love you a lot of and can do his best to please you in additional ways in which.
•The results of being ungrateful is that your husband are going to be dissappointed and can begin asking himself: Why ought to I aid to her, if she ne'er appreciates?

8- Devotion and Loyalty
•Be devoted and dependable to him, significantly in times of calamities in your husband’s body or business,e.g. associate accident or a bankruptcy.
•Supporting him through your own work, money, and properties if required.

9- Compliance to him
In all what he commands you, unless it's prohibited (Haram).
In Islam, the husband is that the leader of the family, and also the married woman is his support and authority.

10-Pleasing Him If he's Angry

First off, try and avoid what's going to guarantee his anger.
But if it happens that you simply can’t, then try and appease him as follows:

1- If you mistaken, then apologise.

2- If he mistaken then:
# Keep still rather than disputation or

# Yield your right or

# Wait till he's not angry and discuss the matter peacefully with him.

3- If he was angry due to external reasons then:
# Keeping silent untill his anger goes

# realize excuses for him, e.g. tired, issues at work, some one affronted him

# don't raise several queries and demand on knowing what happened,e.g.

1) you ought to tell ME what happened?

2) i have to apprehend what created you therefore angry.

3) you're hidding one thing, and that i have the proper to grasp

11-Guardianship whereas he's Absent
•Protecting yourself from any prohibited relations.
•Keep the secrets of the family, significantly intercourse and things that the husbands don’t like others to grasp.
•Take care of the house and kids.
•Take care of his cash and properties.
•Do not exit of your house while not his permission and placed on full hijab.
•Refuse individuals whom he doesn't wish to communicate.
•Do not permit any non-mahram man to be alone with you in anywhere.
•Be smart together with his oldsters and relatives in his absence.

12- Showing Respect for his Family and Friends
•You ought to welcome his guests and take a look at to please them, particularly his oldsters.
•You ought to avoid issues the maximum amount as you'll together with his relatives.
•You ought to avoid golf shot him may be a position wherever he had to settle on between his mother and his married woman.
•Show smart welcome for his guests by transcription a pleasant place for them thereto in, perfection of food, hospitable their wives, etc.
•Encourage him to go to his relatives and invite them to your home.
•Phone his oldsters and sisters, send letters to them, get gifts for them, support them in calamities, etc..

13- Admirable Jealousy
•Jealousy may be a sign for wife’s love for her husband however it ought to be unbroken at intervals the bounds of Islam, e.g. not insulting or backbiting others, disrespecting them, etc..
•You shouldn't follow or produce idle doubts.

14-Patience and Emotional Support
•Be patient once you face poorness and strained circumstances.
•When you face calamities and disasters which will happen to you, your husband, your kids, relatives or properties, e.g. diseases, accidents, death, etc.
•When facing hardships in Da’wah (imprisonment, obtaining unemployed, arrested, etc.), twiddling my thumbs and encourage him to stay on the trail of Supreme Being and prompt him of paradise.
•When he mistreats you, counteract his mistreatment by smart treatment.

15- Support in Obedience to Supreme Being, Da’wah and Jihad
•Cooperate along with your husband and prompt him of various obligatory and voluntary worships.
•Encourage him to wish in the dead of night.
•Listen and reciting the Qur’an singly and along with your husband.
•Listen to Moslem tapes and nasheeds singly and along with your husband.
•Remember Supreme Being Ta’ala a lot of, significantly when Fajr and before Maghrib.
•Share in transcription Da’wah activities for girls and kids.
•Learn Moslem rules (ahkam) and personal manner (‘adab) for girls.
•Support your husband’s activities by encouraging him, giving wise opinions, soothing his pains, etc.
•Yielding a number of your rights and an area of it slow along with your husband for Da’wah.
•Encourage him to travel for Jihad once required and prompt him that you simply and kids are going to be within the preservation of Supreme Being Ta’alaSWT.

16-Good work
•Keep it clean, adorned and well organized.
•Change house arrangements from time to time to avoid dissatisfaction.
•Prepare smart , wholesome,healthy meals.
•Learn all the required skills for managing the house, e.g. sewing etc.
•Learn manner to|a way to} raise kids properly associated in an Moslem way. scan authentic books or consult tough individuals during this light-weight.

17-Preservation of Finances and also the Family
•Do not pay from his cash, even for charity while not his permission unless you're positive that he agrees on this.
•Protect his house, car, etc. whereas he's absent.
•Keep the youngsters in fine condition, clean garments, etc. watch out of their nutrition, health, education, manners, etc. Teach them Islam and tell them the stories of the Prophets and companions of the Prophet(sallallhu alaiyhi wassallam).


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