Pakistani actors Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza square measure able to tie the knot on July 4, media according. Sarwat, Who was antecedently married to Omer Saleem, the brother of TV temperament Ali Saleem, chooses to shut the door on the past to start a brand new chapter in her life. The couple met a decade past, however had been out of bit for an extended time. “We were friends for 3 years, however were out of bit for the last seven years,” same Gillani. She additional same, “A year back i used to be playing in a very theater play Dhaani that Fahad came to watch… which is however we have a tendency to came in reality once more.” When asked why Fahad Mirza is that the one for her, Sarwat was fast to retort, “Because I continuously knew he was the one.” My family is additionally terribly certificatory, Gillani says. She added, “He’s a pleasant ‘qabil bacha’, so yes, the family has been terribly certificatory.” The status wedding are going to be command in urban center on August fourteen, among family and friends. Gillani guarantees she's going to come back to figure when a month-long break.


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