Puffy eyes and a group of lackluster stargazers area unit the terrible curse of my existence at the instant. I’ve had that a lot of late night events on within the past few weeks, that I’m nearly bound folks square {measure} setting out to mistake me for Lindsay deity circa jail mug shot days.

But I recently picked informed an inspired very little beauty trick that’s supercharged my beauty routine impeccably, and it involves just 2 things — teaspoons! Yup, 2 icy cold teaspoons area unit the fastest, most cost-effective and most natural thanks to remedy inflammation, boost circulation and build the eye space seem rested and well-rested. Browse on to reveal all!

Two teaspoons that are placed within the fridge night long.


1. Wash the spoons to form certain they’re not sticky.

2. Place the rear of the spoons directly over closed eyes for two minutes.

3. Take away from lids and say salutation to bright, depuffed blinkers.

That’s it. That’s the trick! You don’t would like the most recent de-puffing cream or roller thingy to assuage and refill the attention space, merely 2 basic things from your room drawer. However amazing is that?


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