The step by step Pakistani eye makeup tutorial explained below:


Let’s begin the attention makeup with concealing the eyes. I even have used my Mackintosh foundation and applied it as a concealer. If you've got dark circles, you ought to use a corrector before applying your concealer.
Now, use a cello-tape to mark a tenet for your eye makeup. Bear in mind to get rid of all the surplus glue from the tape by getting it on your hand initial. Then, stick it at associate angle extending your lower lash line. You'll be able to draw the road with a freedom too, if you're smart at it.


Now, produce a tiny, low angle at the outer corner of the attention. Bear in mind to make most color intensity here. Please be terribly careful to not transcend the crease space and to not move within the lid space. I even have used a matte black gel liner here to make the little outer angle.


The next step is to use a dark purple eye shadow (metallic finish) over the outer corner of your eye, simply on top of the gel liner. I even have used the Lakme eye shadow quad, in Tanjore Rush. Here, rigorously pat the attention shadow over the outer portion of your eyelids rather than sweeping it as is sometimes done. The patting motion can facilitate to use the color uniformly and canopy the whole space.


It’s time currently to use a bright turquoise blue in the moving space or the middle of your eyelid. I even have used the Claire eye shadow within the shade. I exploit this whole repeatedly as a result of its extremely reasonable and stays for a decent quantity of your time.


Now, apply a bright gold eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye . Applying a light-weight eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye can open up your eyes. Hence, it'll provide the associate illusion of larger eyes. I even have used the Lakme eye shadow quad, Tanjore Rush here once more for the gold eye shadow.


Now, take a mixing, brush and mix all the three shades softly and gently so no harsh lines are seen. Don't over mix it. Pakistani eye makeup incorporates a robust cut crease look. The finished look is vital. It shouldn't appear as if there are numerous shades used however an ideal mix of shades, merging seamlessly into one another. At the constant time, don't swipe an excessive amount of, so the antimonial end of those shadows aren't lost and mixed. There ought to be a soft gradation of colors.


Apply constant purple eye shadow on the lower lash line to present your eyes a smoke-cured impact. this can complete the entire look and facilitate balance out all the colors on the attention lid space. take away the cello-tape rigorously.

Apply dark make-up, a trifle thicker than usual on the higher and lower lash line. Extend the attention-liner to make a wing at the outer corner of the eye. Here, I even have used a gel liner to make most color intensity; you'll be able to even use a liquid liner.

Remove all the fall-out of the attention-shadows below the eye with the assistance of a cotton swab. Apply a light-weight concealer to focus on your eyes.


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