Burns may be serious business. Minor burns, however, may be treated with many easy home remedies. Learn additional regarding burns and the way to treat them. have you ever got a skin burn? Is it alarming painful? are you keen on a way to treat burns? Act quick and realize a few of fine home remedies for burns.

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  • Rub with ice (at 1st sign of redness)
  • Use hot, wet garments on the realm to open up the blood vessels and create them came to go. Repeat again and again
  • Apply mashed cheese over the bur
  • Apply finger pressure on the skin and foot, regarding one in. from the top of the insufficient toe
  • Dip the succulent juice on the burn
  • BOILS (Red, swollen, painful while not head)
  • Soak one teaspoon of raw rice nightlong and next morning create a paste out of it and apply at over the boil and bandage properly.


Application of henna paste on foot soles or palm.

Application of water guard juice (Lauki) on foot soles.


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