Changing your hair color will be straightforward and troublesome within the same time, reckoning on what your actual shade is currently. It’s terribly straightforward to darken bright colors; however, it's tougher to lighten darker shades, particularly if you had antecedently colored your hair black. Black could be a color that seldom goes out from your hair while not some kind of harm. So, decide fastidiously and soak up thought these advices in selecting the proper hair color for you.

Choose the proper hair color by trying at:
1. The color of your skin:
- White skin: all reminders lightweight blonde and medium blonde as a result of dark color can cause you to pale and generally cause you to look ill;
- Medium dark skin: all shades, here you'll extremely decide no matter you wish as a result of your skin appearance nice with darker shades and doesn’t look funny with blonde shades;
- Dark skin: reminder brown, red and black.
2. The color of your eyes: sometimes you may soak up thought your complexion 1st, except for eyes, it's higher once the hair creates some kind of distinction with the particular color of your eyes and creates them stand out.

- If you have got natural hair nearly each color can persist with it, it's terribly straightforward to lighten it and far easier to darken it;
- If you're an awfully lightweight blend, selecting black may create it look chromatic thus use caution.
- If you go from black to blonde with chemical lightening it would create it orange.


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